Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Summer burst

SUMMMERRRRRR!!!! (Olaf's tone)

I'm sorry. I can't help but to think of Olaf whenever I say 'summer' in the most jubilant way.
Summer break just begun for us Benildean students and I can't wait to regain my sleepless nights and watch movies all day long. I just finished my final project earlier today and now I am free as a bird! So I started it off by having a Magnum date with my high school buddies and I absolutely had a fantastic time reminiscing a lot about our past high school lives. (If you guys want to see the guilty-pleasurable treats we ate @Magnum Manila, scroll down ahead!)

Gold chain necklaces aren't made just for monochromatic outfits, it can also support a look just like this one.

Of course it's summer, I just had to pull of my floral staples for this season and abuse all of them by wearing them everyday cause aside from the hot weather, I usually hoard sweaters and knits by June so I rarely use my florals.

Always know how to tone down your outfit girls. Just like for this look, I put all the details in my top and because it is a corset-like top, I needed to add something flaunty that's why I paired it with an immaculate and quite breezy skirt. Also, you can never go wrong on pairing any white or black bottom (or the whole outfit) with a good pair of nude colored shoes.

top and necklace (FOREVER21) 

Have a blissful summer ahead guys! :)


Friday, 11 April 2014

Calatagan Getaway

For my Fashion Video class, we were asked to do a fashion film based on all the lessons we've studied, like processing (deep) ideas, camera angles, lighting and all that stuff that a film major should know. I'm saying this because we went to the beach last week for our location shoot, yes it was a win win moment for me and my group mates for having a very short vacation and making our final project as well! Us Benildeans still have classes and we will only have a 4 week vacation this summer (insane, right?) So obviously we took the opportunity to enjoy the beach after our shoot. Once the editing is done, I will post the outcome of  Famy group's fshion film in my blog to share it to you guys.

If you're wondering where this enchanting place is, it is called Burot beach in Calatagan, Batangas. It's a 3 hour drive from Manila and the water is exactly clear as in the picture. Entrance fee is really cheap and only a few people were there when we visited. No resorts available in this place so if you plan to have an overnight, better bring some tents and lots of food. I swear all of the establishments were pretty far from this beach. But the place is worth visiting! 

dress (FOREVER21) | aviator (RAYBAN PH)

Summer is really here people! Can you feel the heat? Cause I freakin do! I sweat like a pig these days. lol. 


Sunday, 6 April 2014


The weather in Manila is extremely bipolar, some days I just wanna wear an over sized jacket with tacky leggings and there are days when I wear an all-sheer clothing because of the hot weather. Luckily, the day I wore this was a very cloudy day so I felt comfortable in my tights. (People always ask why I always wear tights, trust me I don't want to wear them either but the Disciplinary officer in our school is very strict in dress code, boooooo!) lol.

Got this shirt a long time ago but it's my first time to wear it cause I forgot that I have it in my closet. Even the shirt is outdated in the fashion trend, I'd still wear it cause the print is very young and easy to match with.

skirt (COOLBLASTPH) | boots (FOREVER21)

As always, I'm wearing a skater skirt for this outfit post. It's like my uniform already! Thinking if I should change my wardrobe/style for a change! But you could never go wrong with a crop top and a skater skirt, and that is my ultimate point in this post, haha.

Actually, this outfit reminds me of the usual style of boy band fan girls. Yes, I kinda know their style cause my younger sister is one of them and I am exposed to their craziness they do for the sake of their favorite boy bands.


Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Sun shy

pants (TOPSHOP) | heels (FOREVER21) | aviators (RAYBAN PH)


Monday, 24 March 2014


This year, in partnership with Mercato Centrale, DLSU EconOrg has decided to launch its  first bazaar in its 37-year history, entitled“GEMINI”. Gemini will  promote entrepreneurship and highlight social entrepreneurs in partnership with Gawad Kalinga and bazaarconcessionaires.

 It will be held at the Mercato Centrale Grounds at The Fort in Bonifacio Global City (BGC), from March 28 to 29, 2014,from 10:00 AM to 1:00 AM. This bazaar will cater to not only the students inside the university, but their families, relatives and external participants from other universities who wish to go to the said event as well. In case you're wondering what you might see in the event, there'll be live bands, fashion shops and food tents that ya'll surely love and enjoy! :)

Know more about the Economics Organization and the event:
Facebook page of the Economics Organization-
Facebook page of GEMINI:


Saturday, 22 March 2014


Been squeezing some quick blogging duties such as photo shoots, making posts and other sorts in between my classes and school works. Quite tired as I am typing this blog entry cause I just got home from Paranaque for my NSTP subject (for Gawad Kalinga) but I think after this I'll watch the Wolf of Wall street and I know how loser I am to be watching it just now. This'll be real quick! 

Neverland is the title of this post cause it is similar to Peterpan's outfit, obviously I'm wearing a peterpan collar and a solid green skater skirt to pair up my cutesy top that I got from The Ramp a few weeks back.

top (THE RAMP) | skirt (COOLBLASTPH) | nude heels (FOREVER21)

I was actually saving the top for a perfect outfit post and I think that this is as close to the perfect look I could think of. This outfit is very flowy that my friends tease me by pulling my skirt and top as if they were molesting me (LOL).

I am all for prints, especially the rare ones so when I saw this top, I was easily fooled cause I love the texture and how the garment was made. Kinda rare for me to see a silhouette like this, actually. I know that if you wear a flowy top, you should go easy on your torso and keep it tight but for this outfit, I just love how it was mixed together despite of it making me look fatter than I really am, haha!

What do you think guys? <3


Monday, 10 March 2014

United Colors of COMEDY

Tired? Need to loosen up? Got that urge to laugh out loud? Worry no more because they’ve got something to tickle your funny bone! Get ready for the funniest and the craziest night of your lives! 

Happening first in De La Salle University-Manila on March 27, 2014, at 6PM in the Teresa Yuchengco Auditorium, as Team Communication, the professional

organization for Communication Arts and Organizational Communication Majors, and Comedy Manila, an organization that is dedicated in changing stand up comedy in the Philippines presents “United Colors of Comedy”! Be amazed as the greatest comedians around the metro bring their best, funniest and their most laugh-out-loud jokes. Go home crying because you can't stop laughing! So what are you waiting for? Be part of the revolution of “United Colors of Comedy”! Changing comedy, one joke at a time.

Ticket price is 250 pesos. For more updates, check out and follow @UCOComedyDLSU on Twitter and Instagram.