Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Sun shy

pants (TOPSHOP) | heels (FOREVER21) | aviators (RAYBAN PH)


Sunday, 23 February 2014

Pleated and Layered

What mostly my dress up Mondays look like. And for me not to be grumpy every Monday, I'd cheer myself up by dressing something really nice. Take it from me, when you look something forward when you're starting your day, everything seems to be a a bit lighter. 

sweater (FOREVER21) | skirt (ZARA)

Layering has been one of my style techniques and not the rugged one but I'm kind of going for a organized look such as this. 

Layering must be one of my style principle this season and not the rigged type of layering but I'm kind of going for a more organized look such as this.Especially collars and pleated skirts are slowly scaling up to the trend chart.

I totally love this skirt, especially the print! Who doesn't love dogs, right?  <3


Tuesday, 18 February 2014

My Styling Portfolio I

 photo anigif_zps40084b2d.gif

 photo anigif_zpsf6246e3f.gif

Model: Nica Peralta
Photos and Styled by yours truly

More photos on a button link beside my blog web page! :)


Saturday, 15 February 2014

Contrasting Hues


As usual- skirt, collared top, stockings and a pair of sunnies! Mondays are usually the worst (obviously) cause I carry a ton of stuff with me, so imagine me wearing this while carrying a large board and some bags! Totally losing some hypes, haha! 

Have a lot of deadlines this coming week + midterm exams! ahhhhhhh so stressful! Writing this really quick cause after this I'll be doing another plate for my color rendering class which I think will keep me up all night. #moreeyebagscomingsoon :(

I wear sunnies or glasses all the freakin time cause I hide something in my eye that I put on every day and I am not telling what it is in case you are ever wondering, haha! And the fact that I sleep super late  almost every day giving me puffy and panda eyes! I even set up an alarm for my sleeping time but I tend to discard it anyways. Too much bad habits huhu :(

Anyhow, I loveeeeeee this top which I bought from one of my favorite online shops on Instagram! Definitely going to buy more stuff from them soon! Fits me well and matches my style! They sell many more clothes that ya'll surely love! <3

What do you guys think? Comments are highly appreciated! <3


Monday, 10 February 2014

My current addiction

If you had been reading my past blog entries, I guess you would all notice that I am always wearing skirts in my outfits. And this is definitely not the last post that I will be wearing one. Although there are times that I am not comfortable wearing my skirts cause of its length and the fact that you can't move freely in it but amidst that, girls gotta wear what we want no matter what, haha!

A-line, midi, mullet, pencil, mini, maxi, circle skirts- name it, i have it (almost)! Sometimes I save a few moolah  from my weekly allowance just to buy a new one, lol.  Kinda obsessed with it cause I want to evolve my style and many different choices for me to choose. It was subjective for me to have this sense choice when it comes to clothes but I blame it all to fashion magazines, blogs and Instagram photos! 

skirt & oxfords (FOREVER21)


Friday, 31 January 2014

Blo Dry Bar Opens @ Mega Fashion Hall

Last Tuesday, I was invited at Blo Megamall's VIP and Media Launch for me to try their services! They are now open at SM Megamall  which is more convenient to visit for those who live around North and East area.

That day was actually the day when Mega Fashion Hall opened its doors to shoppers so there are only a few stores to visit for now, but I must say, the new building is such a nice place to shop and unwind!

Anyhow, I came in and met so many nice people especially the staff! They assisted me immediately and my blo-er was really nice and fun to talk to!

First, they wash your hair with an alluring scented (I think it is also minted) shampoo and conditioner. Next, they dry your hair and make you choose the style you want for your hair. Then they put some Serum to ease the frizz of your hair (so effective!)
After that, they blo-dry and curl your hair right away! I have no special occasion to attend after this session so I only had short curls for my hair. I chose the Hollywood bombshell curls and requested to add a braid behind my head, and yes you could request to add some braids you've always wanted for your mane! And this is all for only 500php! Great deal right? 

That's it! No other treatments, just wash and blo! This is really perfect for prom season, weddings, debuts and even hanging out with your gal friends. How I wish I could do this everyday! 

They gave us some Skinny Juicery drinks which made me dumbfounded considering how tasty it is for a cleansing diet! Huhu I want mooore! I am certainly going to buy more of these!

I haven't took a lot of photos around but I guarantee that the place is much better than what you will expect! 

More Skinny Juicery!!!

And here it is!!! I super love this hair style on me, it is exactly how I imagine it to be and I know you girls want to be blo-ed also, so why not head down to Blo Dry Bar! I assure you that you will have lots of fun cause its not your typical hair salon.

WASH BLOW GO for Php500 - from classic to rock hair styles. They are open as early as 7am and as late as 9pm for the party girls (by appointment). Walk-ins accepted during regular hours, 7 days a week Blo has a signature Blo Bridal service available in-bar or on location. 

Good news Girls! Blo Dry bar hosts blo parties Blo hearts bachelorettes, birthdays (little girl and big girl), product launches, corporate buy-outs, theme parties, girls night outs, special events and bridal showers.
 Bring canapés, cupcakes and champers (or pink lemonade, for the younger set). They'll take care of la mane. Php4500 per hour Includes 8 blo outs + bar exclusivity* 

More Blo in Bar:

blo out with bonded extensions (Php800) Craving a blo to tame your extra thick mane? They’ve got the best brushes on-hand. 
blo out with deep conditioning treatment (Php800) Want to treat your tresses? They’ve got the perfect solution to nourish your locks.
 up do à la carte (Php950) choose-your-own style prerogative. Bring them a pic or do an interpretive dance — They’ll get it. 
hidden assets (Php1000) A blo out plus clip-in extension installation.
 blo girl (Php300) Out of the sandbox but not quite at the mall? If you qualify for the cushion, you are a Blo Girl. 
blo bro (Php300) Even dudes, like, dig dryers. Think a 20-minute head massage, wash and style. 
With Ms. Kraig delos Santos, Blo BarManager :)

They practically made everyone feel comfortable and I appreciate the VIP treatment, so thank you very much Blo Dry Bar for this. I will surely be back for my next blo out! <3

You can check more about them on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and their main Site.


Monday, 27 January 2014

Classic Tartan

The Tartan print is probably my favorite trend right now. It may be considered as an iconic come back trend for the fact that this was a really good stylish trend back at 1940's.  If you would all notice, I am kinda obviously sporting a school girl peg, and boy how I wish that this was my uniform back when I was in high school. Actually , wearing this seemed to have a "Poppy Moore" peg in the movie "Wild Child" (and also one of my favorite chick flick movies) when she wore her formal London school uniform in a insubordinate way. 

top, skirt & necklace (FOREVER21) | ring (THE RAMP)

This is one of my favorite outfit of all the outfit blog posts I've done yet so far. I added some acrylic gold accessories and footwear to make it a bit of a modern-casual kind of look.  Tartan printed clothes are probably available now in every clothing retail stores in the malls and this is one way how to style it if you haven't even thought of any outfit ideas yet. And take it from me (I suggest) that every girl needs a plain collared shirt just like the one I am wearing in this post cause I promise and assure you that you will be needing it for sometime and you will not regret buying it. It is a classic. I prefer this instead of just wearing a plain white tee which I think is too overrated. (no hate!)